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MB EQUI MANAGEMENT knows how difficult and demanding it can be as a breeder to take care of all its administrative management.
This is why, as a self-entrepreneur, I am committed to providing you with efficient and quality work thanks to my sense of organization and my mastery of informatique tools. Using my administrative knowledge directly related to the equine sector and its regulations, but also financial, legal and marketing, I provide you with my services (breeding secretary, stud administration and assistance to equine projects).

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Manuella Bayeul

Why trust me


I obtained a professional diploma in management and business management in the equine sector with distinction in 2018. During this year, also being on a professionalization contract at Haras du Logis, I was able to put all my skills into practice and I knew how to face various administrative situations.
Since 2016, I have been serving the thoroughbred industry. I was able to gain experience in breeding, training, sales and including on racetracks. This allows me to have a lot of knowledge of the land, which is not insignificant for the administrative work of breeding.
Having ambitions in this sector, I was not content only with French experiences, but also English, Swedish or even Australian. All these experiences allowed me to speak English fluently and to have a more in-depth vision of the industry thanks to various methods and know-how.
Yet another asset that I have is related to technology. I have no problems adapting to new software or new methods, which allows me to be efficient on many aspects.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

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Toutes les vidéos


12 Rue du Château

61230 Gacé, Normandie, France

+33 6 33 39 88 61

Thank you !

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